Villa 23 Christchurch

Welcome to Villa 23 / Restaurant / A place to resource…

… and enjoy holistic vegan/ vegetarian food made with fresh ingredients from scratch. A place of sharing and caring where we can all settle into wellbeing and relax. A place that allows for coherence to grow and extend to the world around us. 

Villa23 is more than food…

…is pure energy!

*Update 5. April 2022*

Hurray, we made it!!!
A big welcome to all to dine in or enjoy coffee and treats in the cosy and peaceful space Villa 23 is known for.

Much gratitude to all our patrons whithout whom our Villa 23 waka would never had made it in it’s “All Inclusive” manner , through the winds and high waves of the past challenges opening days and hours remain the same for now.

We will extend as we can , ensuring all needs are met. 🙏❤️🌝

Looking forward to sharing Villa space with you🌝❤️

Daytime hours (Eat-in & Takeaway)

Monday: 8 - 15
: 8 - 15
Wednesday: 8 - 15
Thursday: 8 - 15
Friday: 8 - 15


We are open as usual again. Phone orders possible for pick-up.

Any questions, please call us on 03-343 3375 or 021 734 420.

What we offer

We offer:
– Eat in
Take away
– Breakfast
– Lunch
– High Tea
– Catering
Picnic packs
BBQ packs

Reservations & Inquiries: For your reservation and all other inquiries please call us on 03 3433375 or 021 734 420

Where we are in Christchurch