About Us

Our Philosophy

Holistic food made with care and much gratitude to our beautiful planet, a precious gift on loan. 

What we offer

We offer vegetarian & vegan meals at the Villa23 in Christchurch.
In addition we offer our delicious catering menu, picnic & bbq boxes, food for office events or gatherings.

Please inquire via phone or at the Villa23 mandeville road.


Our vision is to follow and honour our hearts by producing high vibrational vegan/ vegetarian food that feeds the soul, sharing an experience of warmth, genuine connection and growth. 


All the food we buy, is organic if possible. We shop locally with local farms, markets and suppliers.


With the wish to remain true to our values of environmental sustainability and the intent to support local businesses, we source most of our products from local markets farms, and suppliers nearby. 


Our chef puts much caring attention into his preparations and the food delivered to the tables is always offered with great joy. Much joy and positive energy flourishes along the way between the source and the meal put in front of you. 

History of Villa23 Christchurch

The Villa at 23 Mandeville Street is one of the quaintest buildings in Christchurch. As it is historically significant being one of the first buildings demonstrating early experimental use of ferro-concrete loadbearing walls in the Southern Hemisphere.
Villa 23 is the only intact building left of 17 built sometime between 1909-1912, this lovely historical building is well worth a visit. And of course not just for the historical value, but for good food and lovely coffee as well.