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23 Mandeville Street, Riccarton, Christchurch, Canterbury.

Tuesday to Friday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm

Catering menu on pre order.

03 3433375 | 021 734420 | ourplacevilla23@icloud.com

Here you find all options to contact us. Wether by phone, email, facebook or instagram. We are happy to get in touch and answer whatever questions you have.
We are proud to be based in Christchurch and to cater delicious, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free food. Not to speak of our delicious coffee from a local roaster in Christchurch.

But best is to come by and experience it yourself. We are waiting for you.

The story of Villa23 in Christchurch

The Villa23 team have had so many people walk through the door and stop in a state of complete awe and amazement at what they see and feel. When they make their way to the food cabinet, the amazement only increases. Clearly, homemade plant-based food speaks for itself.

Juanita, owner of this vegan and vegetarian café destination in Riccarton, never intended to open a café at 65, let alone during the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic. But sometimes the universe has other ideas, and to her (and her happy customers), the amazing journey that led to taking over Villa23 has been entirely worth it so far.
It took less than nine hours before Juanita made the phone call to tell the previous owners ‘sold’. She then spent the next few weeks waking up in the night, staring through her skylight and voicing to herself “I’ve just bought a café”, giggling in disbelief and going back to sleep.

The giggles have gone on, along with plenty of hard work by many great people whose contributions helped make the dream a reality: A fully vegetarian café/restaurant with vegan and gluten free options. Close to the city centre, patrons come to enjoy themselves, harvest wellbeing and relax while enjoying scrumptious food, made from the scratch with the utmost of care.

23 Mandeville Street is one of the quaintest buildings in Christchurch, historically significant for being one of the first buildings demonstrating early experimental use of ferro-concrete loadbearing walls in the Southern Hemisphere. The only intact building left of 17 built sometime between 1909-1912, this lovely historical building is well worth a visit.

Villa23 endeavours to walk the talk when it comes to respecting our most precious asset, this earth. Through maintaining a plant-based focus and working with local farmers and producers, Villa23 is determined to keep steering its actions towards minimum impact on the environment.

All those who choose to work at Villa23 are part of the overall vision of wellbeing for both people and planet. The team have created a place to restore and enjoy holistic vegan, vegetarian and gluten free food made with fresh ingredients that feeds the soul. A place of sharing and caring where we can all settle into wellbeing and relax. A place that allows for cohesion to grow and extend to the world around us.

Villa23 will soon be extending its service to open for evening meals by reservation. Patrons can book a three-course meal of the chef’s choosing, and the team will be delighted to honour you.
The cabinet is always filled with a delicious range of vegan and vegetarian food as well as many gluten-free options, both savoury and sweet. Villa23 serves some of the best coffee in town, with locally roasted beans from Lyttelton Coffee Co. You can also order from the seasonal à la carte menu. It is a great place to pop in for a brief moment of quietness over lunch to replenish body and soul before heading back to work.

Any time you feel like treating yourself or sharing time with family or friends for a special moment of enjoyment, delectation and relaxation, Villa23 will be happy to welcome you.
Give the team a call to make a booking today.